Braziliex Cryptocurrency Exchange

Sep 2018 - Dec 2018
Project Overview
Outlined in this presentation is a web platform redesign proposal for a cryptocurrency exchange company called Braziliex. With excellent client feedback, I was eager to highlight their features and find solutions to maintain and grow their investors through their web presence.

My activities included:
- User interface (UI)
- User experience (UX)
- User experience research
- Market research
All research was conducted for this proposal based on the Double Diamond versions of the British Design Council and the user-centered design process from Stanford.
The challenge was to help increase their market relevance through their website platform, ensuring their investors can seamlessly access information. After an initial review, we saw opportunities to create a more usable, exciting experience for their clients.
In order to understand user preferences, attitudes, characteristics, and opinions, I conducted an online survey with groups who had previous knowledge of cryptocurrencies.  This is due to the fact the goal was, at least in that moment, convert customers from others Exchanges and not develop non-customers. I pursuit gathered feedback of Braziliex customers e non customers; Explore the reasons why people get into Criptocurrency universe and get a clue about of trade behavior.I used the simple, convenient, cost-free Google Forms to conduct the survey and formulated questions based on the 4Ws (and one H)* principle in order to get the most comprehensive answers to gain the most thorough insights.

are the people that are customers and who they are not?


are the obstacles to use Braziliex Exchange. (Is it a credibility brand issue or is it the Plataform?)


they buy Cryptocurrencies? Why they are not choosing Braziliex?


customers buy Cryptocurrencies? (Peer to peer? They trade Croptocoins often or they hold?)


they used the Exchanges? Where they don’t?

After I breakdown the questions to make them more answerable.

Forum post & Social media analysis

On Reclame Aqui, a Brazilian website that shares customer feedback on companies, Braziliex Exchange is the fourth highest ranked in client satisfaction. Given this impressive position, I found it essential to focus on their web platform to stay competitive.



Competitive analysis

After analyzing Braziliex’s top competitors, I included analogous businesses in order to obtain different perspectives on ways to address their platform’s areas of improvement. I followed the Nielsen Norman Group’s best practices by using competitive analysis to generate fresh ideas. Some of the types of companies I analyzed were: Crowdfunding websites, stock market websites, other cryptocurrencies exchanges, and money transfer websites.

In this phase I was filled with the the big picture perspective and I chased the behavior, motivations and pain points of users.


My user persona consolidation consisted of three different archetypes which I used to help me guide the development process. After combining the analysis in the Discovery phase, I identified enough behavioral variables to segment the user audience. These variables were categorized based on data such as age, investment profile, profession, and scale of how they are connected with the cryptocurrency market. With this I was able to understand (and hypothesize) motivations, frustrations, and goals. I also chose brands that influence the users to further help to define them.

Experience Map

Seeing that my challenge was to deliver better solutions, I focused on the experience after the users’ first contact. The map allowed me see their pain-points and where I needed to focus my energy. During this process I gained deep insights into the users’ negative feelings about their experience with the exchange. I created a graph with frustration and anxiety curves which became invaluable during the ideation and prototyping phases and kept me on track.

Sitemap - The Dashboard Insight

Before starting any design, I spent a time making sense of userflows and existing and new content. This involved back to competitive analysis and card sorting work. I realized deliver earlier trial and low commitment for the user can be a bit messy for the userflow. But in this phase it as clear the benefit of an Dashboard for all personas.

Experience Requirements
I synthesized all insights obtained during my research and matched users’ desires and needs to create a set of Experience Requirements. And this laid a groundwork for my design decisions, proposed key attributes, and possible new features for Braziliex.Below are the set of requirements that drove my design and created a framework for all solutions seen in this presentation.
I created a sitemap to map out the new Braziliex Exchange platform structure and page layouts. This was very helpful for the design vision and getting early interaction insights. Assuming I was in charge of the full process (yes, I put myself in this position) I skipped the wireframe and headed straight to mockups. This was useful to define the IA (Information Architecture) in a sleek and smart way. I thought about position, color, sizes, and animation simultaneously. The mockup process went through more rounds of iteration for this reason. It was important to deliver a humanizing, exciting, and simple solution.

Homepage: The gradual engagement

Trade test Instead of asking users to sign up immediately, they are invited to first perform a trade simulation. This solution provided users an understanding of how easy investing in cryptocurrency can be.

About us

An humanized and smart concept showing credibility.

Crypto portfolio and social proof endorsing

Reinforcing the sense of community engagement.


One the most common frustrations found in the experience map analysis was the difficulty in doing simple deposits and withdrawals. It took more than five clicks to find this section when it should have been more accessible. The boxes for deposits and withdrawals were redesigned and they now follow the material design guidelines, are elevated from other elements, have different colors for easy differentiation, and a UX writing best practices. Now it’s an easy to find feature!


The exchange area was created simple and clear. Offers list and repetition of the cryptocurrency logo also included a title on the top and left bottom of the screen indicating what market they are in: will they buy using Bitcoins or Brazilian Reais (BRL).

The trade boxes

Keeping consistent, was used the same color scheme for the funding options – “Buy” has the same style as “Deposit” and “Sell” the same as “Withdraw." Was also created easy steps to follow with a friendly confirmation notification.

“When I design, I work very hard to make the interface experience feel like there’s a human on the other end, not a computer. ”  Aarron Walter

It was particularly motivating because I’m Braziliex Exchange’s user and it was surprising to consolidate how important it is to put my beliefs beside and listen, see and interact with users to get the big picture.
I believe we must keep the daily exercise to see solutions and figure out how to improve or to reframe them.