Feb 2018 - May 2018
Project Overview
Eyzon app allows your family and friends to keep an eye on you as you travel alone late at night or in any situation where you need a companion to ensure you arrive safely at your destination.

My activities included:
- User interface (UI)
- User experience (UX)
- User experience research
- Market research
- Illustrator
In an assertive approach, I mainly focused my methods to base my decisions on digging more about the market and competitors. Next, I mapped these insights defining User's desires and frustrations and finally proposing how this app can help them.

Market data

Doing my desk research I compiled a set of data related to safety and solo travelers.

Research the place before you go.

Warnings and tips on the map, feed by the users in an anonymous way.

Be aware of your surroundings.

Screen-off state allowing users to focus on surroundings.

Copies of your documents.

Warning card with your basic info to your companion in an emergency case.

Connect with other solo travelers.

In case someone is going to a similar destination you receive a warning, keeping both anonymous, and you can contact them.

Be nice.

In the article, this stands to treat locals as if they were just an accessory to their trip. But for us, it will be don’t bring a panic or even an insecure mood for this App. It will be friendly, but rational.

Online survey

I ran a survey using Google Forms with questions range from who you keep in touch when you travel alone, to how often you check if everything is going well. My takeaways were:

People keep eyes priority in friends with the same age.

The parents (at least in Brazil) are still checking when children travel alone.

People want to get answers more often but they are embarrassed to ask.

They are not certain how to report an emergency in this case.

Competitors analysis/ comparison


Can be organized by groups like family, friends; Set favorite spots or journeys to automate alert when reaching the destination.


Add companions by phone number; Real-time monitoring; Alert the authorities 1 tap away.

Rave Mobile Safety

Emergency geo-targeted community alert.


Access to safety resources and phone numbers; Safety map with key safety locations to keep you “in the know”.

In this phase we applied a set of tools to guide me including: user-flow, sketches and wireframes.


User’s Desires

Take care of people of the same age than them

Feel comfortable, not anxious

Be aware of the surrounding

Feel like they are familiar with the journey

Easy contact

User’s Frustrations

Feel alone

Feel under surveillance

Stay stuck with the phone all the time

Don't know what to do in some emergency

User’s Frustrations

Community concept with journey tips

Pre-defined watching groups

Screen-off notifications Possibility to contact another traveler

Be friendly but keep a rational approach

During this journey I realized that we were working with two different challenges with specific personas for each of them. I decide focused in developing the best solution to offer the opportunity to a small investor have access to the social business provided through the Yunus.


I started with a friendly onboarding tutorial, showing the main benefits progressively, reaching the registration at the end.

Register steps

In the registration, you follow a linear process in an easy and clean way.

Setting a trip

The first contact you see is an intuitive procedure. The idea is that you pre-define places and friends to be faster. I tried to be as friendly as possible, so instead of a rigid arrival time or a bus line, you can enter an estimated time and keep in touch with your companion along the way.

Your trip has started

When you define your trip, the screen shows a highlighted message in green and that is the regular mood chat. The interface is similar to other mobility apps, but you can see and insert "safe" tips along the way, like the "local hospital" located on the map.

Chats and warnings

If you select the "alert" mood, the chat will change color and you can send the security card (a digital "poster" with your basic information, photos and the current location) to your companion. So, in the event that something happens, it can distribute quickly while you can post an alert on Facebook. Eyzon regularly asks you to confirm your safety by tapping ok or talking to your partner. This avoids the embarrassment of regular messages about your situation.

Arriving at destination

When you arrive at the destination, Eyzon asks you to say thanks to your partner and this is for him to know that you have arrived safely.

Slide menu

To keep the interface simple, I use a hamburger menu. When you tap, you see the menu on the left slide with all the settings you can manage.