Yunus Social Investing Business

Feb 2018 - May 2018
Project Overview
I was priority involved with brainstorming with the client, research and explore phase. After the result presentation, I collect feedbacks and keep working, at this time without a team. I iterate one more time, focused on the ideation and prototyping a new solution.

My activities included:
- User interface (UI)
- User experience (UX)
- User experience research
- Market research
- Illustrator
Yunus turn donations into investments in sustainable social businesses and help this projects provide employment, education, healthcare, clean water and clean energy to over 3 million people worldwide. And this is super nice, the issue is that currently they receive large amount of money from institutions and wealthy families but its not available to receive money from a small investors.
Assuming there’s people interesting to financially support social entrepreneurship the request was develop the best platform and experience to them do it.
We start with a meeting including the team and client to put all our knowledge on the table and organize some earlier insights. And from this we obtain some experience requirements:

Should be clear it’s not a charity.

We must create emotional connection, without over the top sad approach though.

It can’t be similar to investments platforms.

Should deliver more than just interest.

Online survey

We apply a survey using Google forms majority in facebook groups with subject as entrepreneurship, business organizations who provide humanitarian services,  and other profiles sketched during our meeting. We take care to using terms as donations to help the interviewed understand the questions. This is what we discover:


already made donations


already support social business


would use an online platforms for investments


financially support only if they know the project

In this phase we applied a set of tools to guide us. They were:

Empathy map

Card sorting

User flow


During the 1º iteration round we provided access to investing in social business to a small investors through a Yunus web based platform.




Presentation and feedbacks

After the presentation for stakeholders and other seniors UX designers we collected different perceptions and even though the Bootcamp was finished I decide go through a second iteration follow the the learning with the process and possible improvements collect from this.

App iteration
During this journey I realized that we were working with two different challenges with specific personas for each of them. I decide focused in developing the best solution to offer the opportunity to a small investor have access to the social business provided through the Yunus.

App onboarding

I suggested start with onboarding tutorial showing the key benefits in a progressive way reaching the sign up (or skip straight to the app). The sign up for this app is optional.

Social news - Short facts and Business details

There are two types of content that is updated and tracked by the user: short facts about social causes, and disclosure of news business open for investments. That content is show in a news feed solution.

Investment flow

This area is simple and focused on the linear and conducted flow. Based on the Hick–Hyman law, there’s limited options making the decision easier for the user.

My impact and My area

My impact
Here the user can track the social business he invested in a timeline. The idea is reinforce the aspect of continuous improvement. Fact that pop it out during our research.

My area
The user can easily check his past transactions and check the overview of his activity. Also its possible select which causes he want to follow in the feed.

It was important struggle to define the priorities and understanding the right persona. At the end the iterations shows a mature and realistic solution. The integration of users and stakeholders from the very beginning and receiving feedback throughout the journey was fundamental get the core concept. For the next few steps I would go ahead with user testing and a better integration with the Yunus website.